Recreational Shooting

While most people would think that hunting is simply for serious sportsmen, recreational shooting should change their minds. Amateur shooting includes the sport of skeet and trap shooting plus air gun variations and the most popular paint ball. Sling shot shooting is also part of the class alongside soft air gun shooting.

Skeet and trap shooting is the sport of shooting clay targets by using a shotgun. These clay targets are called clay pigeons and are discharged into the atmosphere at high speeds. Initially using live pigeons, the targets were changed by this sport for a target that was more reputable and humane to clay discs. Trap and skeet shooting gear, comprise, aside from shotgun ammunition, target throwers, clay targets or discs and of course, a high quality shotgun.

Paintball shooting or just called paintball is a recreational shooting sport where opponents attempt to eliminate each other from the playing field by shooting each other with paint filled gelatin capsules. Using a compressed gas-powered gun or known to paintball enthusiasts as a marker, these paint- filled balls are shot adversaries at an estimated velocity of 300 feet per second, as per safety standards. Paintball hits are painful at space or any given velocity, hence the execution of security rules and equipment. One safety precaution is in the mandated utilization of a paintball mask and goggle system. These safety accessories are often sold as a set and may go for $24.99 to $69.99. Other gear necessary for this particular sport contain the paintballs and the mark. Paintballs are sold at prices that range from $11.99 to 34.99, depending on the number of balls in the package.

Air guns are pneumatic guns which use compressed air to propel a projectile through the air. Air guns, more popularly known as BB guns, come in rifle settings. Accessories for air guns or air rifles are gun scopes, shooting glasses and obviously, ammunition pellets available according to the caliber designation of the gun.

Soft air guns are a softer shooting and tamer sort of the air rifles. Airsoft, as it’s popularly called, is usually used in war games or war simulation tactical games. As with paintball, airsoft games require a certain amount of protective gear to minimize injury. Impact-rated goggles are a necessity for this sport and the goggles usually used for paintball is frequently used here. Soft air guns may also be utilized alone with fixed targets.

Slingshots have come a long way from rubber band fastener and the old wooden prong used to launch other projectiles and stones. The modern slingshot is now composed of a steel prong with a molded plastic handle. Modern sling shots offer a more precise and managed shot while still using the basic principle of the old slingshot. All these are also sold with their own glass ammo.