JT E-Kast Ready To Play Kit, Black/Grey


(as of 05/08/2016 at 03:34 UTC)


The JT E-Kast is a great starter marker and a nice addition to your collection. This lightweight paintball marker features a stabilizing fore-grip for control and double finger trigger action. There are three firing modes; fully automatic (up to 10 bps), 3 round burst and semi-automatic. The hardcore design and materials can take the abuse of an all-day game and keep up with your endless energy. This gun gives you many add-on options to give you a real scenario feel. The JT E-Kast Ready to Play Kit comes with everything you need and will bring you from package to play as fast as you can rip it open.


  • Full Auto fire at a rate up to 10 balls per second
  • Multiple firing: Semi-Auto, 3rd Bust and Full Auto
  • Double finger trigger for a comfortable fit and increased firing rate
  • Picatinny rails for adding accessories
  • Full ready to play kit including; JT goggle, hopper, 90gram CO2 tank, 50 paintballs, pull through squeegee and a barrel plug


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